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URGENT: Keep Our State Parks Public!

George Cossar, Hugh White, John Kyle, & Wall Doxey

While you were celebrating the holiday season, the MS Department of Wildlife, Fisheries & Parks was busy making plans to hand over our state parks to private, out-of-state, for-profit corporations for the next 20 years.  

This outrageous effort is unprecedented since Mississippi has a $4+ billion surplus of federal-state monies that can be used to restore our beloved state park system for this and future generations to enjoy.

These investments can ensure our state parks remain public – for all Mississippians – not closed, or sold, or turned over to private for-profit corporations.

MS Senate and House Chairmen of the Wildlife, Fisheries & Parks Committees can stop this terrible plan to liquidate our state parks! Stop this process now!

Contact them Today: “NO” to privatization! “YES” to fully fund restoring our state parks now!

Rep. Bill Kinkade

(601) 359-3770 | 

Sen. Neil Whaley

(601) 359-3770 |